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Blush & Blink by Ana Carrete

Blush & Blink by Ana Carrete

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Blush & Blink is what happens when you go to catholic school for 12+ years, and develop a very dark sense of humor. Sex becomes sexier because it's forbidden. It's not memoir, but it reads like flashbacks. Everything is a joke. Everything is serious. It's paranoia and sleep paralysis. It's all in six chapters of two mutually inconsistent narrative forms. It's pretty bows made of barbwire. It's a blindfold. Ana Carrete writes funny, spunky horror. She wants you to rebel. 

Praise for Blush and Blink: 

“Modern, mischievous, and intimate. Ana Carrete is a poet at the peak of her powers.” — Timothy Willis Sanders, author of Modern Massacres

“Ana Carrete was making poems on the internet before you even knew what a poem on the internet was or could be. A true progenitor, this is not poetry as hustle or grift, for clout or (eugh) career, but as a last resort, the original instant gratification, redemption and sin. It is a spiral that saves you and also fucks you up, a way of praying and cursing, feeling and living, in other words it’s some very sexy bullshit!” — Sam Riviere, author of Dead Souls

“On top of the hierarchy of poetry values, everyone must submit to the authority of Ana Carrete.” — Noah Cicero, author of  Bipolar Cowboy and Nature Documentary

“These poems will flirt with you until the end of days.” — Jorge de Cascante, author of An Entire Town Bathed in Pulsing Human Blood

Blush & Blink (Lang Books, 2023) is 120 pages; 5 by 7.5 inches; first printing in edition of 300

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