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E.M.T. in MSP

E.M.T. in MSP

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E.M.T in M.S.P. by Heinz Peter Knes, published by Edition Taube in 2021

Taken in the mid-1990s, Heinz Peter Knes documents his younger siblings as they emerge into puberty and young adulthood in the small Catholic town of Fellen. E.M.T. in MSP addresses poignant issues around identity, youth and heritage through a profoundly intimate lens. Featured in various Fashion magazines from the early 2000s forward, the images contained something that the editors craved: a combination of innocent youth and a sense of intimate outsiderness. Named after his siblings, Eva, Mirjam and Thomas, and the district of Main-Spessart, Heinz Peter Knes explores the children as creatures of politics and history, youth itself, and Germany.

Heinz Peter Knes is a photographer. He is born in 1969 in Gemünden am Main, Germany. Heinz Peter Knes studied photography on Fachhochschule Dortmund, from 1993 to 1999. Since 2001 Knes has lived in Berlin. His work has been published in several international magazines, including Camera Austria, Wire, 032c, Iann, Spex, Dutch, Readymade, Freier, i-D, Butt or Purple, . In 1998 he co-founded the photofanzine Strahlung. He became known outside Germany through his collaboration with Butt Magazine.

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