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600 pages of the beloved 1974 British cartoon series. 600 pages! The format is incredibly ambitious but super easy to understand. In the middle of the book, running over 400 pages is the full five minutes long first ever episode playing as a flip book; 200 right hand pages play half of the episode and 200 left hand pages play the second half (upside down - you need to rotate the book). Then there are 100 pages before the fl ip book and another 100 pages after it; these 200 pages contain every single visual element from the fi rst series of what was 30 episodes.

The book is hardcover and just about 7" inches square. It is also nearing 3" thick. A kids cartoon blockbuster book the like of which has never been seen before (save for IDEA's own Moomin opus Mischievous Nature).

Hardcover with UV spot lamination

600 pages

17x17 cm

Limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide

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